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Southwest Art and Artists – Taos County – Arroyo Seco – Taos Local Art and Artists

The art of the Southwest is very unique. We have been very fortunate to have been able to acquire several very nice pieces for our home here in Taos. Many people who come to the area have a real interest in the art and artist so we are including some information on each piece, plus the gallery which represents the particular artist locally.

Starting with the west end wall with “Fancy Dancer” a serigraph by John Nieto a Contemporary Master born into a family of American Indian and Spanish descent. John Nieto’s work has been exhibited internationally form the Smithsonian Institute to one-man shows at the Axis Gallery in Tokyo. One of his most celebrated pieces “Delegate to the White House” resides in the Presidential collection of former President Ronald Reagan.

Moving around to the north wall is an acrylic by Dolona Roberts titled “Plaza Blankets”. Dolona Roberts, a renowned painter of Cherokee heritage, was born in Santa Fe in 1936 A characteristic common to her images in the “Blanket Series” is that the faces of the Indians are always turned away from the observer. Also by Dolona are four small acrylic on paper from her “Tablitas” series and these are located on both sides of the Kiva in the living room.

Along the north wall is a Jim Prindiville watercolor titled “Blue Mesa”. To the right of “Blue Mesa” is an unusual piece, “Welcoming Resound”, done in “Casein” by a couple, John Walker and Roxanne Moore a husband and wife team. They both paint on each of their works…beautiful work with a unique approach. They are represented at the Variant Gallery at 135 N. Plaza just south off the Plaza.

  • Just above the dictionary is a small oil on canvas by Marlin Linville titled “Melting Snow”. Marlin is represented at the Brazos Gallery on Bent Street.
  • On the east wall in the dining room, to the left of the master bedroom door is an egg tempra by oil by Pat Harrison titled “Snow Fence” . To the right of the bedroom door is a pastel, “Indian Princess” by Jane Mabry.
  • On the south wall of the dining room is a large water color by Silvia Grycner entitled “Parrot Tulip” On the south wall on the other side of the doorway is an “Embossed Print” by Ed Morgan entitled “Once Upon A Blue Moon”. This came from the Morgan Gallery on Bent Street.
  • In the Master Suite above the bed is an original acrylic on canvas by Jim Prindiville entitled “Warrior with Sacred Thunder Shield”. This original painting has been reproduced as prints and also on cards. It reflects the sacred nature of the buffalo hunt to the Indians.
  • In the middle bedroom on the north wall is an R.C. Gorman lithograph entitled “Chile Basket”. R.C. Gorman is represented at his own gallery, The Navaho Gallery on Ledoux Street in Taos. In the Sun Room on the east wall is lithograph by Malcomb Furlow entitled “Cheyenne Rider”. Mr. Furlow is a well known western artist who has his home a few miles west of Taos. His work is represented at the El Taller Gallery on Ledoux Street.
  • Also in the Sun Room on the North wall is “Red Canon”, an “Iris” print by Isa Barnett. is represented at the Brazos Gallery on Bent Street.
  • In the kitchen on the west wall is an oil on canvas by Tom Murray entitled “Cloud Sky Over the Gorge. Tom is represented at the Shriver Gallery at 401 North Pueblo Road, downtown (near the Kochina Lodge).
  • In the master bedroom on the east wall is another Tom Murray entitled “Taos Clouds”. We think Tom has captured those fantastic Taos skies better than anyone we have seen. Really an outstanding young artist.

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